Rima lav

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Beauty & comfort - that was the main rule I followed creating the first wedding collection. Here in Spain we believe that life is created for delight, and that’s why I decided to create gowns wearing which you would enjoy the wedding day, but would not suffer from inconvenience. I realized my dream of wedding dresses which are great by their stylish simplicity, laconism and comfort. Special pleasure is to work with smooth fabrics while creating the definite shapes and interesting lines. I consider simple and really gorgeous stitches, soft and comfort fabrics to be the main advantage of the gown, but not lace.

Making each dress, I was imagining what bride would choose one or the other model. I also was thinking how to make the dress a bride’s decoration, how to highlight all the dignity of figure and a bride’s natural beauty. Each stitch, each fold are penetrated with my love. I believe you’ll feel that when you put on the wedding dress.